Access to custom-made shoes is substantial to sustain Lymphoedema Morbidity Management-Health Workers

With objective of sharing lessons and best practices among district health offices and health centers, a one day project reviewing meeting was held in three different places: Fintoteselam (July 14, 2021), Debretabor (July 16, 2021) and Bahirdar (July 21, 2021)

The project under review is entitled as ‘The Next Steps for podoconiosis patients in Amhara region’ is a three year project implemented from April, 2020 to March, 2023 in seven hyper endemic districts: Bure, Dera, Fogera, Gongi Kolela, Jabi Tehinan, Sekela, and Yilmana Densa districts. The project is funded by IZUMI foundation through Footwork the International Podoconiosis Initiative (

In the review meeting health workers from each target health centre and Woreda Health Office and Woreda Finance and Economy office, Zonal Health Department (ZHD), Regional Health Bureau (RHB), Regional Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, FMOH NTD team representatives participated.

Through the panel discussion facilitated by FMOH, RHB, and ZHD, the following issues were discussed and highlighted:

  • The need of galvanizing efforts to mobilize domestic resource to address the high demand of custom-made shoes and other treatment consumables
  • The need of close follow up, monitoring and supervisory visits which motivates the task force at the periphery and address challenges
  • The Woreda Health Office should include the podo management plan in the woreda base plan and the program should be closely supported by integrating into the woreda supportive supervision checklist and similarly as the health centers supports respective health posts.


Our Vision: To see Ethiopia free of podoconiosis

Our Mission: To coordinate and standardize efforts for the elimination of podoconiosis, to build the capacity of members and other stakeholders, and to support research for evidence based interventions.