Decentralization of Nodulectomy, intralesional SSG and Cryotherapy conducted, January 14-18, 2024, Gamo zone, South Ethiopia Region

NaPAN successfully facilitated the theoretical and hands-on training on nodulectomy, intralesional SSG, and cryotherapy from January 14 to 18, 2024 in Gamo zone, South Ethiopia region.

The training involved a theoretical session on podo morbidity management in Arbaminch town on January 14, followed by hands-on training on nodulectomy at Zefine health centers on January 16. Fourteen individuals, including health officers, nurses, and woreda NTD coordinators from Zefine, Gocho, and Ezo health centers received the training. During the hands-on training, five people with nodules received the intervention. Additionally, the trainers provided hands-on training on intralesional Sodium Stibogluconate (SSG) to health workers from Dorze, Daradime and Gugie-Boyra health centers on January 15th, 17th and 18th respectively. During the hands-on training in intralesional SSG and cryotherapy with a cotton-tipped applicator, a total of 17 individuals with uncomplicated and localized cutaneous leishmaniasis received the service. Throughout the project period until the end of July 2024, a total of 100 podoconiosis patients with nodules and a total of 300 people with localized cutaneous leishmaniasis will be treated. The project has also distributed different medical supplies and 150 pairs of custom-made shoes that cost ETB 448,588.00.




Our Vision: To see Ethiopia free of podoconiosis

Our Mission: To coordinate and standardize efforts for the elimination of podoconiosis, to build the capacity of members and other stakeholders, and to support research for evidence based interventions.